All of the doctors at Alexander Height Family Practice have either extra qualifications in child health or a lot of experience. Most of the doctors have young children themselves so can easily empathise with common childhood issues.

Our policy is to never turn away a sick child or one you are concerned about. If you feel the child needs to be seen urgently, we will make time to fit the child in if at all possible.

Dealing with anxiety

Going to the doctor can sometimes can cause anxiety for a small child. It is important that this fear is overcome, so the child can interact with the doctor and make management of the illness and future illnesses easier. As we do not know what the future holds this could be very important. If you child is not happy visiting the doctor some people avoid this, however this is the worst thing you could do as a child when sick finds a visit more frightening. It is best to make some frequent appointments for minor matters so as to gain their confidence.

Three steps to gain the child’s confidence

  1. Before the visit explain what needs to be done (don’t tell lies). Explain what is expected of them. Explain the likely outcome.
  2. At the visit hold the child firmly for examination so it can be executed quickly, it will be less traumatic for the child.
  3. Praise the child afterwards for being cooperative. Ask them to thank the doctor for looking after them.

Once they understand the process of what is going to happen, this reduces their anxiety