COVID and Flu Clinics 2021

We will be running our flu and COVID vaccine clinics from mid April. We have limited stock of the COVID vaccine available initially until supplies are increased, while flu vaccines are initially available for over 65s only.

Note: The flu vaccine and the covid vaccine cannot be administered at the same time, a gap of two weeks is required between the vaccines.

Please phone the practice to book 9247 2533. It is not currently possible to book for flu clinics through the website, although this will be available soon.

Attending the Clinic

We will be doing the vaccine from a separate part of the building, entry from close to the street.

To aid flow through the clinic, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Please arrive at your appointment at the scheduled time
  2. Park in our car park or the car park next door, and stay in your car until your appointment time
  3. Follow signage to the vaccine clinic waiting area
  4. Sit or stand to maintain social distancing from other patients
  5. When called, sit in the seat provided to discuss the vaccine with the doctor and get your vaccine
  6. Once you have had the vaccine, proceed through the building to the usual waiting room and wait 15 mins to ensure there is no reaction
  7. During this time, please book for your second COVID vaccine 12 weeks following the first injection

We would appreciate it if you could re-check these instructions before attending on the day in case anything changes.


The COVID vaccine is available initially for group 1b, which includes over 70s, plus other high risk groups such as health care workers and people with specific medical conditions. Please check the covid vaccine eligibility checker for your eligibility.

For the flu vaccine, we have the over 65s vaccine in stock only initially. Other groups under 65 we will have vaccine available subject to stock availability.